Thoughts of Well-Being!

When I started out as a nurse, I found many things very unattractive about the job. Bleeding, for starters, always made me feel a little light-headed. Vomiting made me queasy especially if it occurred soon after I ate; an empty stomach made it a little easier to endure. Needles never brought with them a sense of ease. The smells, sounds, sights of a hospital were not very pleasing. There  were days that I wondered why I dreamt of doing this since I read my first “Cherry Ames Student Nurse” book in second grade. There was one thing I knew I loved about working with patients and that was helping them with their thoughts. In between taking vital signs on the gentleman who just had 3 feet of his intestines removed and giving a bath to the woman down the hall who had been vomiting, I was hanging a bag of chemotherapy for the  patient who was recently  diagnosed with breast cancer and coaching her on what to think about while the medicine was being administered into her veins. This was 1982. Do you remember the video game Pac-Man? Well, I would coach my patients who were getting chemotherapy to visualize the chemo as Pac-Man and the Pac-dots that Pac-Man was eating was their cancer cells. AHHHH! They could do that. That gave them some power over something they felt they had very little power over: their disease. They were soothed! I received letters from my patients about how much that little visualization had helped them. I was gratified–this is what I enjoyed doing, even if I only had a fraction of my time to devote to this type of on-the-job “emotional support.”

Then in 1983 a patient came into my life that would forever change me. Her name was Alicyn. She was 33 years old and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and it was stage IV. It had metastasized to all the other organs in her abdomen and pelvis except for her liver. Before seeing her in the hospital bed, I received the report at the nurse’s station and was told the prognosis was about 2 months time.  Horrendous! I walked into the room to meet my new patient and met this woman who I would later call “Best friend”. She had long blond hair that would all be gone in 3 weeks after administering her the toxic chemotherapeutic drugs she was about to receive. She had a face full of freckles and a beautiful wide smile that would light up any room. And she was accompanied by her loving husband Vinny and a beautiful son Chad who was 2 years old.  Alicyn was filled with intention. Her intention was to raise this blond haired, blue eyed boy. She was a focused Deliberate Creator! She defied all odds. She lived 18 years after her diagnosis and raised her son and more. That powerful disease she had was not more powerful than her intention.

At the time I became close to Alicyn, I knew nothing about the Law of Attraction except for what she demonstrated. Alicyn told me once, “I can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.” She spent her time appreciating, appreciating and appreciating. I would spend a lot of those years complaining about my plot in life which was nothing compared with hers.

After she died in 2001 I have been on this journey that is just crystallizing as I write this. I have become a student of the Law of Attraction for many years and have applied the principles of this in my own life. I understand now why Alicyn was able to defy the medical books and others who have a similar prognosis have an expected speedy death. Now my purpose in life is to reach as many people as I can to coach them on their power. We humans are powerful creators, each and every one of us! Not just Thomas Edison, or Albert Einstein, or Alicyn. Each and every one of us, no exception.  I look forward to sharing the tools and the processes and the stories of Law of Attraction so that you can be aligned with your core Well-Being!

30 thoughts on “Thoughts of Well-Being!

  1. Fantastic!! You are inspiring me. I have a blog all set up that I haven’t done anything with. Thank you for the wonderful story and inspiration.

    • Moira, I am so glad I was a source of inspiration. Get blogging girl friend! Believe me, this was totally outside my comfort zone…I still am tentative with making a post on Facebook! Hope all is well in your life!

      • Hi Jeaneatte,
        The new process is going to be Gamma Globulin infusions, which will be administered at my house for a series of four-day treatments. Apparently, it will become obvious right away whether they are having a positive effect or not.

  2. I am totally bought into the idea that people have much more “control” (not always the best concept) over how their personal journeys play out…as a person who has lived for 9 years with myeloma–I know from personal experience that you must fill your life with good things! No time for the bs in a world where everyday you must confront pain, fatigue, anxiety…my days are too valuable!

    Go for it…Jeanette–you have so much to share!

    • Thanks Gerrianne! You are the poster child for my ideas. You are so full of life energy that it overrides the disease! I hold that vision for you every time I see your name on Facebook and think of you! If you have anybody in your circle that would enjoy hearing about concepts of well-being please share with them. Thanks!

  3. Jeanette you are always awesome and an inspiration to others. I have several friends to forward this to, so keep going. I had tears in my eyes reading this. Thank you!

  4. Hi Jeanette,
    Tears are rolling down my already tear-stained face(just left psychologist )but they are tears of of joy not sadness, these are tears of hope not of despair. Perhaps you didn’t know this but you have been my life coach for most of my adult life and you have sustained me and given me suggestions and solutions that probably saved my life. You have been blessed with a special gift and it is awesome you are on this journey and putting this gift to use. You are a special, unique and compassionate individual who will inspire, comfort and enlighten many people who desire to find a new approach to baffling situations we to often experience in our lives. You are an awesome sister,daughter, mother and friend to name a few. There are know words to describe how grateful and indebted I am to you.

  5. Mike Dooley would be very impressed Jeanette. This was not a baby step, more like a giant frog leap. I am so proud of you. Imagine what you/we could manifest after a week long “Rest and Renewal” at Kripalu!!!!!! Ahhhhh to dream…….

  6. So glad you are doing this. I have always had a passion to share on this level. I look forward to reading more of you blog.

  7. Great Job Jeanette! This was beautiful! You are an inspiration to so many and are blessed with a special gift. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Hey Jeanette,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I remember well your special relationship with Alicyn. I look forward to learning more about the laws of attraction and enjoying your positive energy!

  9. Wow Jeanette! Thank you for touching my heart by sharing this powerful story, and pointing out the key essence to healing. What a perfect way to start your blog, spread you message, and keep your friend’s memory alive. I am so grateful our paths have crossed, and look forward to reading more….

  10. You are really cute, but it wasn’t called Leap Frog, it was called Mother May I. So “Mother May I” take a giant step toward “TROML!!!” Wonder if you can figure that out….

  11. Jeanette,
    I feel like I remember every inch of your magnificent journey; particularly with Alicyn. Can it really be that many years? I have a new process coming up in September and I hope I can draw upon your energy as always. Love you!

  12. Jeanette – you may not remember me but you have touched me today beyond belief! What perfect timing… Lets just say I am fighting my own personal battle which includes cancer – among other things and I have recently felt like I want to stop fighting! Not anymore – not after reading about Alicyn! You are truly an angel and I thank you for helping me put things BACK in perspective!

    • Rosemary, I am so happy to have touched you! That means the world to me. Where do we know each other from? I want to have a good picture of you so I can hold the vision of your well-being in my thoughts as well!

  13. Jeanette
    The blog is awesome! Your courage and strength inspire me every day. I have great confidence you are on the right path and I look forward to working with you!! Sending lots of good thoughts!

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