Deliberate Creation

Last week I spoke about Deliberate Creators and one in particular named Alicyn. To those of you who read that story, thank you and I hope you were inspired.

The question on so many minds is “How do I become a Deliberate Creator?” Before answering this very important question you have to accept one premise. You are more than your physical bodies. You have a nonphysical being, your “Inner Being” who speaks to you in the form of emotions. Your attitude of self is the basis by which you attract all things in your life. Think of yourself as a magnet. You attract people and circumstances into your life based on your thoughts. Your emotions let you know what you are attracting. Positive emotions let you know that you are attracting the things you want. Negative emotions let you know that you are attracting what you do not want. Negative emotions are the warning bells that you are not in alignment with your “inner being.” Being in alignment allows all the things you want to flow into your life: abundance, relationships, good health, fulfilling careers, etc.

Pretty simple, right? Then why aren’t we all walking around deliriously happy? Various reasons, but mostly because we have faulty programming. We go through life not consciously creating, but instead functioning on a subconscious programming that was installed in our early life by our parents and other well-meaning people who said things like, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “stop dreaming; wake up; get with reality” and “we all have crosses to bear in this life”. We were not told we were powerful creators and we began to forget who WE REALLY ARE!

So, how do we change? How do we become deliberate creators? (Much of what I will be sharing comes from the work of Abraham-Hicks.) Well, step 1 of the process of deliberate creation is the formulation of the desire. That is easy and life gives us every opportunity to formulate our desires. If we see what we don’t want, then we can get clear on what we do want. Step 2 of the process is up to the Universe. Our desires are always answered. “Ask and it is given” is not up for debate. It is always given. Then why don’t we have all that we desire? Because we do not “allow” it into our experience. So, step 3 is where the work lies. This blog is going to discuss the tools and the processes to “allow” the good times to roll. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Deliberate Creation

  1. I love this post Jeanette ! I often find myself struggling to explain this “inner being” stuff to my teenagers, and how to pay attention to their emotions – you’ve just described it perfectly … I’m going to have them read your post 🙂 thank you !



  2. As you know, Jeanette, I am a nurse too, and started my career with the same wants… to help others. Many of us who go into healing professions are there because they find healing in helping others… but that does not necessarily fix the pain in their lives… such is my case. I have attracted the negative due to the negative feelings about myself which were nurtured at a very young age. I have never overcome them…only compensated for them. That is not enough. I have come a long way from the depths of negativity in my life but I am a long way from attracting all of the positive things I dream about. Please continue with your blog so that I can continue to reinforce the positive laws of attraction that you are teaching. Thank you for sharing your mission. I hope to find mine soon!


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