September 11th

Today I wish much love to all who come upon this page as they make their way to becoming Deliberate Creators. I will start sharing simple processes that promise to be life enhancing, and will allow you to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams!

September 11th was always a meaningful date in my life. It was the day in 1954 that my parents got married.  So, today I want to give a shout out to Mom and Dad, otherwise known as Eileen and Gene, who started out 57 years ago amidst a category 3 hurricane, Hurricane Edna. My mother’s veil was blowing in the wind.  And from that  day of Hurricane Edna til present day, one would not say the 57 years was completely smooth sailing. There were more hurricanes to be had, a couple of earthquakes and one would even venture to say at times it seemed like a tsunami hit! However, being the Deliberate Creator I am now, I spent this morning contemplating my appreciation for the union of my parents that produced my four sisters who double as my best friends in life, twelve grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. One could definitely say that amidst the storms there has been plenty of sunshine. It is up to us what to focus on. For today it is the sunshine I want to bask in.

For the last 10 years, unfortunately, my parent’s anniversary has taken a back seat to another event. Now 9/11 is significant to every American and especially significant for those that lost someone. Today,  I want to give a second special shout out to my nephew Brendan’s wife Jeanne who lost her brother Greg that very sad day. Jeanne, sending you lots of love today! As we all have watched the TV, followed the blogs, watched videos that have been posted on Facebook, we have shared in some of the sadness deeply felt by family members.

Today, I chose to spend time appreciating the people who so believe that we are all ONE that they lay their lives down so that we can live. I have appreciated New York City which is the place on Earth where I feel the most alive. I have appreciated that Jenn Gorsuch, a new friend in my life, walked out of the South Tower 10 years ago today with her life intact. I have appreciated America with all its diversity and absolute beauty. I have appreciated our flag that stands for the freedom we all want. I see all these things that I appreciate as being born out of other desires of people who came before us and I firmly believe that as we continue to want peace and freedom these will also manifest more widely.  The most important thing for each of us to do is to be aligned with our own Inner Being. Our power lies in our choices and for today, I choose appreciation.

Tip#1 in becoming a Deliberate Creator is Appreciation or Gratitude. It is the emotion/feeling that gets us most easily aligned with our Inner Being. Spend time each day appreciating things that are easy to appreciate. Start a gratitude journal where you write 10 things each day to be grateful for. While you are waiting on a line in the grocery store, go within, and start a rampage of appreciation… for the food you are able to buy, for the cashiers waiting to ring you up, for the close parking spot your car is in, etc. The last thing before you go to bed, spend a few minutes appreciating, even if it is just for your pillow and the comfort of your bed, whatever will allow you to milk the feeling of appreciation as you drift off to sleep. This will help you to enter your sleep time in a state of appreciation and wake the next day with the same feeling. You will notice your energy changing. Once your energy changes, your life will change! That is a sure thing.

I appreciate the chance to share this fun adventure of deliberately changing lives! Stay tuned for Tip #2 in a few days!

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