Bad Habits/Good Habits

You have heard the saying “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  Well, that will be an understatement for those of you that have gone through life thus far thinking that life just happens and that we are victims of circumstance and now discover that we create our own experience. For all  reading this material who think of yourselves as scientific people and not of the spiritual inclination, I want to make sure something is clear:  The law of attraction is as scientific as the law of gravity. It happens whether we understand it or not. It is like electricity in that we don’t have to understand electricity in order to turn on the light. It can also be likened to sound waves. If you want to hear The Beatles  don’t tune to the station that plays RAP music.  So if you want to manifest the GOOD things in life you cannot be thinking about the BAD things. It is as simple as that. Most of us go through life second guessing ourselves, replaying negative interactions, wishing we could have a do-over, and worrying about things that have not happened. These patterns of thought keep us on the wrong radio channel.  The tips I am sharing with you when applied will raise your vibration so that you are tuning into the right channel, the channel that will allow your desires to manifest!

Last week’s tip was about appreciation and gratitude. I am wondering how many of you started a gratitude journal this week? Don’t feel guilty if you haven’t…just notice it. The things that I will be sharing need to be practiced until a habit is formed. They are easy to do but just as easy to forget about. I have been learning this material for several years now but continued to be resistant in certain areas of my life, insisting that if things were different, I would be happier. When I finally surrendered to the fact that I am the sole Creator of my reality, I got serious about the work I have to do.

A habit takes about 3-4 weeks to formulate in our life. So, the hard work for implementing each of these very easy tips will be in the first month before it becomes a habit. You have to consciously think about doing these things at first.  But before long, if you are persistent, these easy tasks will become part of your every day life and your point of attraction will change. You will start tuning into the right channel. You will hear The Beatles like you never heard them before!

So, what is the tip of the week? What is the activity that will help tune you to the right channel? Tip#2 is “Breathe”….yes, that is it.  Just Breathe….but do it deliberately and do it deeply and if you can do it with appreciation it is even better! Do it for 15 minutes a day. Do it at a certain time of the day to form the habit. But, just do it. I was watching a swim-a-thon for Leukemia last Saturday along the Hudson River. I stood in the beautiful breeze looking at the magnificent Hudson River watching the swimmers cheered by family members as they swam to shore. I stood and breathed deeply for 15 minutes and stayed completely in the present moment. My vibration was so raised that I could just IMAGINE….


8 thoughts on “Bad Habits/Good Habits

  1. Love the words J., not sure I’m up for the challenges though 😦 Maybe I’ll add it to the list of things I want to accomplish, oh wait, one of things was to not live by lists!!!!!! LOL…….I’ve already failed…!!!!!!


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