What story are you telling?

Many of my thoughts and ideas are from the work of Abraham-Hicks but today I also have to thank Bob Newhart…you will see why.

This post is dedicated to Alicyn….who left us 10 years ago today. She always told good stories…

What story are you telling?

Many people who are just becoming familiar with the Law of Attraction ask the question, how do I know what I am attracting? Just pay attention to the stories you are telling. Are you telling the story of struggle and lack or the story of triumph and abundance? More often than not, our story of struggle is the more practiced story we tell. It rolls off our tongues like butter. It entertains others. It is the thing that we think others will relate to. Think about the “issue” that takes up the most room in your head. Is it a disease that you are dealing with or is it a troubled teenage son; is it the loss of a job and therefore, a lack of money?  These are the things we DO NOT WANT in our life. But the Universe responds to what we are thinking, talking about, and feeling strongly about. It does not matter if that thing is wanted or unwanted. We will get more of whatever is focused on.

So what stops us from telling a different story? REALITY. Reality is convincing. Reality stares us in the face. We think if we do not tell the story of our reality that we are not being honest. If you are telling the story of REALITY and the reality is what you do not want, then STOP IT. Stop telling that story. Law of attraction can only give you more of what you are telling. I say tell the story of what you want, of the REALM of POSSIBILITIES. The reason why new relationships feel so good is due to the realm of possibilities that lie within that new relationship. Then we get to know the person better and we start noticing things about them we do not like. We start thinking about the things we do not like. We start telling our friends about the things we do not like. But what are we attracting? THE THINGS WE DO NOT LIKE! It is law. We will start getting more of whatever we are talking about. This does not happen sometimes, it happens in every case. So, this week as you go through your days, notice what story you are telling. Be your own case study. What story are you telling yourself and what story are you telling others. And then ask yourself, how is that working out?

So, if telling a different story is difficult for you because it feels dishonest, tell the story of the REALM of POSSIBILITIES. A friend meets you in the grocery store and asks you how your son is.  (If you were telling the story of REALITY, you would tell your friend that he was failing 2 subjects, being defiant, and is often alone.) Before answering your friend, quickly ask yourself what you want for your son. You want your son to be happy, to feel accomplished, and to be engaged. You tell your friend “My son is making his way in life figuring it out as teenagers tend to do. I am confident that even though he takes the scenic route at times, he is on a wonderful journey sorting through what makes him tick and what doesn’t. He has some amazing talents that he has yet to discover about himself but I know they are there. Thanks for thinking of him!” Now, doesn’t that feel good! That is soothing. You are looking at your son as your inner being sees him. I know–I am a mother of four. There was a time that I thought that a mother can only be as happy as her least happy child. I always had a reason to be unhappy. I was enmeshed with my children’s journeys. I still feel strongly about anything my children go through but now I am able to take a deep breath, regroup, ask myself what I want for each of them and tell that story.

This concept can be used for anything. If you have a particular diagnosis, let’s say cancer, what story are you telling?  Are you telling the story of the REALITY? If that is the case, you are talking about the cancer and thinking about the prognosis and researching it on the internet and finding a blog that talks about everyone’s struggles with the same diagnosis. I am urging you to STOP IT. Ask yourself what you want. The answer will probably be “good health.” “Good health” is in your REALM of POSSIBILITIES. Talk about that. When someone asks how you feel, it may not feel right to you to say “I feel great” but you can say “I am on the road to recovery and it feels good.”

As you practice telling a different story this week, you will see that the negative story, which can be entertaining and gets some immediate satisfaction, is about to roll off your tongue once again. Tell yourself STOP IT! Just 2 words “STOP IT”.


4 thoughts on “What story are you telling?

  1. Your blog really hit home for me today, Jeanette. I’ve been “practicing” being conscious about my thoughts and the Law of Attraction for many years. (And I AM getting better and better at maintaining a positive vibration much of the time.!)
    But I am a consummate storyteller and I know I tell “good old favorite” stories that DO NOT serve me well with who I am now and where I want to go. Why do I tell them? They are entertaining for other people to hear.
    Starting today, I am going to “edit” my stories and make sure they tell the tale I want to hear, see and LIVE!
    Thanks for the reminder!
    In Joy,
    Chief Executive Romance Goddess
    Life Can Be a Honeymoon. Let’s Start NOW!



  2. Wow Jeannette, great post! I love the examples, it is very inspiring. I am up for the challenge and I want to be aware of the story I tell so I can transform it. Thank you!


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