Clearing clutter: mind, body and environment

It is very inspiring to know that the world is our playground for creation and life is meant to be joyful. But do we really believe it? We know from our life experience that most of us human beings are suffering, mostly due to their belief that they are victims of circumstance and not the creators of circumstance. So, how do we shift our vibration (our emotions and thoughts) so that we can be aligned with the POWER that we all have within?  The POWER is there but most of us don’t know where the switch is. Or worse yet, we are in a black room and the POWER is there but we don’t believe there is a switch or we believe the switch is there but doubt our capacity to turn the switch on. Well, I challenge each and every one of you to put your POWER to the test. I will start introducing processes that will turn the switch on when carried out. I promise this: We can have, do or be anything we want. The challenge is “are you willing to do the work to be aligned with the switch that will allow these things into our life?” All the actions I will be offering here are easy but take commitment, willingness, and deliberate practice. Last week the 2 words were “STOP IT!” This week the 2 words are “DO IT!”

 Clearing Clutter from the mind: We all have cluttered minds. We tend to review past conversations and go over what “we should have said.” We are calculating our bills in our mind. We are projecting what we are going to say when we have that talk with our boss about our raise. We are shaking our heads thinking about our spouse who left the house a mess. We are looking at the obese person on the street and thinking about the rise of Type II Diabetes in our society. Tisk, Tisk. We are watching TV and are making judgments about how awful our politicians are. Damn liberals….I mean damn conservatives. Does this sound familiar? We certainly cannot keep track of all we think about. Our negative thoughts are the clouds keeping away the sunshine. One fix for that is spending 15 minutes a day clearing the cluttered mind. How do we do that? MEDITATE!

 Now most of you are probably thinking “oh, I can’t do that.” All meditation takes is practice….and focus. Sit in a quiet place and focus for 15 minutes on your breathing. When a thought comes by (and it will) just treat it like a cloud in the sky passing by. Notice them. If you are having a hard time focusing, you can try counting. You can try focusing on a sound. OMMMMMMMM. Do it at the same time every day, preferably as early in the day as possible as you usually have less resistance before you are interacting with others. This is the fastest way to get into a state of ALLOWING. It is the way to get aligned with Source Energy, pure positive energy.

Clearing the clutter of the body Drink 48 ounces of water a day. Everything is vibration or energy. Our thoughts carry a vibration. Our physical body carries a certain vibration. Our Physical body needs water. It is one of the most important actions to take for our body to provide this basic need. DO IT!

Clearing the environment Some of you may naturally be clutter-free bugs. I was raised by a father that did not allow a piece of paper to stay around for longer than a minute that was not being read. It was discarded. That may explain why I have a problem discarding anything. I am married to someone who likes to throw away and I even scan garbage bags for items that should not have been discarded. This is obviously an issue for me! So, when I found out that our things also carry a vibration and if we have piles of mail and magazines and stuff around our environment, that will affect our vibration, our Well Being, I went to work. That was about 4 months ago. I have finished de-cluttering my basement. I have finished two closets and now I am in my office. After years of saving every paper, every piece of clothing that I have not fit in for almost a decade, I am now discarding.  I am recycling. I am giving away. When I really am not sure if I can let it go, I am packing it in a box, labeling it and putting it in my shed or attic. I am determined to free the clutter so that I can be free, so that I can FEEL GOOD and find the switch to the POWER.

So, to recap: meditate, drink water and de-clutter. Not glamorous by any means, but if you put these things into practice I promise you will be switched on, you will feel the POWER; in other words, you will FEEL GOOD!

4 thoughts on “Clearing clutter: mind, body and environment

  1. Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
    ~Albert Einstein


  2. Bravo!! My dear friend, I could feel the energy in your POWERFUL words. I hear your message loud and clear,….so true.
    You have come this far, letting go will be easy when you are good and ready, …it may be sooner that you think!


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