Money can’t buy you love!

Money, money, money! This subject brings about almost as much resistance as the topic of relationships! Who was not brought up with the following sayings: “money doesn’t grow on trees” or better yet, “money is the root of all evil!” I know I was; my “poor” parents were born in the Great Depression so they were certainly raised with those negative statements and more. The thing about negative statements is that when you hear them enough they convert from statements to beliefs. A belief is just a thought we keep thinking and sometimes it is a thought we keep hearing. Well, now we are living in the Great Recession and there is once again a pinnacle of negativity when it comes to the subject of money. I personally stopped watching TV and reading newspapers over a year ago to stop the influx of negativity into my life. But even with these measures, it is hard to go a day without someone mentioning the economy and how tough it is. But have you noticed that there are those that thrive in the worst of times and there are those that struggle in the best of times. Why is that? The answer can be found in the Law of Attraction. Ask and it is Given. It is Law. It is not a law that works only when the economy is good. It works always. Take a look at the people the money is flowing towards in this tough economy. Now take a look at the people who are struggling in this economy. And more importantly, what do they blame on their circumstances? Chances are they are blaming the economy, the job market, President Obama. If that is the case, these people will feel helpless and maybe even hopeless.

Here is where I would like to offer hope. If money is something taking up a lot of rent in your head, the cause is vibrational and YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Now I am writing this post today for myself first and foremost. It is the one subject around which I experience the most resistance! I know I am not alone. Money affects us every day. We have to think of our money situation with every decision we make. Do we really need another pair of those UGGS boots? But they are so comfy and so warm! So what enters into the subject of money is the subject of worthiness. Are we worthy of those UGGS boots? Did we work hard enough for them? There are starving children in Africa and you want UGGS! (Yes, I snuck in another goodie from my childhood, not the UGGS but the starving children!)

So what to do about this? How do we change these negative beliefs about money? The first thing I would encourage you to consider is that you have the power to change your beliefs. It is just a change of thought. All is well is a new thought, not an original thought but a fairly new one for me. So I say it to myself often. Another new belief is that there is enough for everyone. Not to be biblical again, but sometimes I just can’t help it. Do you remember the story of the Loaves and the Fishes? There was enough for everyone. That took an unwavering belief. I love playing around with new thoughts and keep practicing them until they become new beliefs.

Next thing to do is stop talking about the lack of money. This seems really easy but if you are anything like I was, I would take every opportunity to let you know what my monthly payments amounted to and how hard it was to meet them. So I kept the lack of money in my thought patterns and therefore, my vibration about money. So if you keep talking about your lack of something the Universe will keep giving you the lack of that something.

There are 2 more things I will encourage you to do. I have learned these processes and tips from Abraham-Hicks and would love to share what has worked for me. The first thing I incorporated into my life is keeping a hundred dollar bill in my wallet. The idea behind doing this is to spend it mentally again and again so it doesn’t just represent $100. If you mentally spend it 100 times over, it is vibrationally $10,000. Make sure it is a $100 bill so that you won’t spend it. Also, you don’t feel broke if you have $100 on you at all times. Secondly, I have been playing the Prosperity game for 55 days now. On day 1, I spent $1000, on day 2, I spent $2000, and day 3 I spent $3,000 and so on and so on. You get the idea.  You spend imaginary money but our brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality. Use old checks, scan the computer for pictures of what you would like to spend your money and spend time savoring the FEELING of the abundance knowing there is more where that came from. I am actually playing this game in a closed group on Facebook where we all write how we are spending our money. In 55 days, I have gotten out of debt, paid off all education loans, bought cars for my children, bought my dream vacation home, helped family members, donated to charity, etc. Even though it is a closed group, my post is sometimes seen on my home page and I have wondered when I posted a picture of my new home in Cape Cod if people are thinking “Wow, when did Jeanette strike it rich?” Well, the truth is I am striking it rich in my thinking. I am savoring the pictures of my new home and am not thinking of it as a future thing. I am thinking of it as a manifestation. It has been created; I just now need to allow it into my life. I know how well I am allowing the money into my life by how I feel. Pay attention to your emotions as that is your guidance. Now I know you realists out there may be scoffing at all of this. You may not even want to try this ridiculousness. Maybe you just want to wait until I send you that postcard from the Cape saying “Hope you’ll join me!”

In closing, there is one old saying that still resonates with my heart and soul: Money can’t buy you love! And if love is the emotion you are living in and vibrating out then you are not judging, be it the economy, or your neighbor or President Obama. You are not jealous of others who have more than you and do not look down on those with less. YOU are rich beyond belief .You have found the secret of life and all material things will flesh out from that point of attraction!


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