Why is Halloween such a favorite holiday? I know it is my favorite and has been for a long time. Christmas is nice but wrought with a lot of pressure, making sure everyone has just the right gift. On Thanksgiving we try to make the perfect Norman Rockwell scene which usually just doesn’t work out as anticipated. But Halloween is about creating a new character and “pretending”. It gives us a good excuse to eat chocolate and lots of it. It is fun! The outside of our house has spider webs, skeletons, graves and witches! It was my almost 7 year old daughter who designed the whole creation. She loved every minute of it. However, it is my oldest child who loves Halloween the most and that is no surprise as he is all about creativity.

John October 29, 2011

For Halloween this year I wanted to wear something sexy. I bought a “naughty nun”  costume which consists of a habit which is a mini dress which horrified 2 of my children. Hee-Hee! I never dress sexy….it’s not my style, but Halloween lets me be something I am not ordinarily, something different from the mold I set for myself many decades ago.

So, my Law of attraction tip for this week is just have fun. Create yourself anew. Not just for Halloween but everyday, just because.  I have been sensing that some people reading this blog think that these tips are “work”, more things to put on their to-do list. Did they meditate, drink 48 ounces of water, and clear the clutter out of their house?  Not to worry!  Everything you want can be obtained by doing less work and having more fun. Be a painter and in the canvas of your mind create the life you want and get into the “feeling” place of having that life. This is the “secret”.

At the end of the day, all we really want  is the “feeling” good. Whether we want a million dollars or a new relationship or good health it is because we think it will bring some “feeling” that will feel good. What is that feeling? Inner peace, security, freedom? Well, start thinking thoughts and feel your way into Inner peace, security, freedom first and the manifestations will show up. And when they do, you will realize that the most important manifestation is that you feel good.There are plenty of people who have millions and do not have the feeling of security and they would be the first to agree the feeling of security is priceless.

For some people, with anxiety or depression, such long term chronic vibration of not feeling good, this may seem an impossible task. “You want ME to FEEL GOOD? YOU obviously don’t know where I have been.” Use your emotions as the guide. Anger is a good emotion if depression has been your operating system. There is more life in anger. There is more hope in anger. If you are a parent, listen closely. If you have had a depressed kid and now they are angry, let them be angry. It is better than depressed and left to their own devices they will start creeping out of the hole they were in. But we have been programmed that anger is bad and it frightens us so we try to squash it and the person goes back to depressed. Just radiate love to those around you and let them be who they are. We are not here to fix others. We are here to create our own lives.

Go back to being like a child and “pretend”. Forget about all the people that think you are living in a dream world. Forget about the “shoulds”. Forget about the teachers that said you would never amount to anything. Thomas Edison had to be home schooled because of his precocious personality and his incessant questioning. That was the 1800’s. Today we would have labelled him with ADHD and given him Ritalin. I know first hand as I did that to one of my creative spirited children. (Yes, the one that loves Halloween.) Edison was one of the greatest inventors of the millennium, if not the greatest. He just did not fit in the mold. We were meant to come here, not to fit in some mold but to expand the mold and to create a different mold. However, our well-meaning society teaches us to conform, to fit in a mold, to march to the beat of someone else’s drum. Our emotions were meant to guide us; we are supposed to march to the beat of our own drum.

So on this Halloween, let us embark into a make-believe world. Create yourself and have fun, enjoy the candy and don’t stop at Halloween. Let it be the kicking off place to a new spirit toward living!


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