What’s your color?

I have been struggling with writer’s block. I have not been inspired with a subject to ponder until my 2-year-old grand-niece walked into my sister’s house wearing her new purple Patagonia ski jacket and being as proud as a peacock. My sister asked her if she was willing to wear anything but purple and the answer was clear. Tinsley is all about purple. That is who she is. And it is usually the little ones who are clear about who they are, before society gets a hold of them and makes them forget who they are! In so many arenas we are prodded to conform to others’ desires for us. Even knowing what I know, I find myself trying to tame my spirited 7-year-old daughter in the outfits she prefers to wear.

I grew up going to Catholic school and we all wore the same grey and maroon plaid uniforms. I started to think about that experience as a child and I think I just accepted it as my older sister wore it before me. My best friend wore it also. So, this is what we did. But if life was like that and we all wore the same clothes, drove the same car, lived in houses that were the same, I think we would eventually die from depression! It is the contrast of life that gets our juices flowing!

I have enjoyed yellow cars since I could drive and always dreamt of having one. I had a yellow bicycle as a kid. As a teenager I wanted a yellow Volkswagen. Eight years ago I bought my first yellow car. My kids moaned, “Do we really have to be seen around town in this thing?” I drove around in this SUV as proudly as my niece flaunted her purple coat! It was me. I was driving a big yellow cab!

Yellow is my color. I love the sun. I love sunflowers. I love yellow cars. I love yellow on the walls of my home. Notice the color of my blog. No coincidence. It is yellow! Yellow is the color that speaks to me. What is your color? Think about the contrast that colors bring to our lives. That is the same with everything. Contrast spawns our desires. If we did not have snow and harsh winters, we may not realize how much we savor the springtime. Could you imagine winter all year round? YUCK!! The diversity of life is what makes us the most alive! We can sift through it and come up with what our heart desires! I have learned to appreciate contrast. There was a time I thought everyone should be a Democrat. But it is the Republican Party that helped me define the party I was more aligned with. It is the winter that makes me love summer so much! It is seeing poverty that makes me desire abundance for all!

Life presents us with so much contrast. Embrace the differences. It is where all rockets of desire are born. Your perspective of life can totally change when you see that even so-called “bad stuff” has its purpose. When we see war we want peace. When we are lonely we want love. When we are sick is when we want health the most. When we see poverty we want abundance and this is how expansion happens. The Universe always answers our new rocket of desire.  But how do we respond? Do we believe that we can have peace, abundance, health and love?  In order to manifest these new desires, we first have to believe we can have them. Then, we can spend focused time in the “feeling” of what it is like to have peace, abundance, health and love, not in the “feeling” place of the lack of these things.

So whatever it is that helps you as an individual get in the good “feeling” place to allow the manifestations of your desire, go ahead and do it. Wear your favorite color today! Walk around in the golden leaves that have fallen off the trees! Embrace the contrast. “Pretend” your desire has manifested. Fake it until you make it. Be grateful! Know you are powerful beings! You ARE peace, love, abundance and well-being at your core!

And when all else fails, walk on sunshine!



9 thoughts on “What’s your color?

  1. Wow, you out did yourself again! Great come back from that writer’s block. It may be 10:30 PM, and dark, as I write this, but I definitely felt your sunshine as I read your beautifully written message.
    RED is my color. I am due for a new car, and I am working on attracting a red Mini Cooper.


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