After Thanksgiving-appreciation reigns!

As I ponder my vibration today, it is so elevated after a beautiful Thanksgiving Day. My sister Peggy has a home that is cozy, the kind that would be fitting for everyone sitting in her chairs to have a beautiful afghan over their lap and Peggy would be thrilled if everyone did! Her food rivals the best Inns in America, everything done to perfection with an extra dose of love. I have spent many Thanksgivings in her home but this one was very special for some reason. I have learned to focus on the positive in most situations and there were no negatives about this day, just some missing pieces. I can name the missing pieces: Kevin, Matt, Megan, Mae, Keri, Eileen, Peter, Danielle, Sean, Kelly and Lily. No, it was not the gravy that was missing or the homemade cranberry sauce, or the potpourri on the stove or the mulled apple cider (made especially for me). I have had Thanksgivings where these THINGS were missing and it was sad, yes sad, to not have gravy and mulled apple cider with my turkey but I recovered from those missing ITEMS pretty quickly. All this pondering, made me realize what matters most in my life and it is the relationships, hands down, that matter the most in my life.


On this Thanksgiving I felt such joy. My blessings are many: parents who are still enjoying holidays with us, a devoted husband, good friends, sisters who are best friends, and my 4 children, who are all thriving on their own journeys! Appreciation is the highest vibration there is. It is up there with unconditional love. It is a good thing that Abe Lincoln made Thanksgiving an official American holiday. And carrying this spirit into our lives on a daily basis will reap major rewards.


I have been thinking about life as the canvas to create. It is our playground. And just like children, many of us don’t want to leave the playground. Not because we will miss the swings, but we will miss our best friend who we were swinging with! Since I have been looking at life that way, I have been appreciating every hour on the swing set, hanging from the monkey bars and swishing down the slide. I have a new desire to not miss out on anything. I went rock climbing this month for the first time. It was pathetic. I got up about 10 feet off of the ground. But I laughed as I fell off the wall and was happy I tried. I don’t know if I will ever desire to jump out of a plane but I am thinking about my bucket list. What should I do today that I don’t want to miss out on? I think I will go see the Muppet movie. I love Amy Adams and I love the Muppets. Thanks Jim Henson! But what I will love the most at the movie theater is sitting next to my 7-year-old holding her hand and sharing a big bucket of popcorn!


It is all a decision how you are going to look at each day. I remember a time in my life when I dreaded getting out of bed. I thank God that has changed. I know that when I am viewing my life in a negative way and feeling sorry for me, that is a decision I am making. I am pinching myself off from the fullness of life. Today, repeat after me…. “I am worthy of all my desires to manifest in my life. In fact, all my desires are manifesting in my life as I allow them to”…..Good. Deep breath. Repeat as often as needed and bake with love and appreciation! So, if you are despairing or overwhelmed or angry, make a decision, that it is your dominant intent to feel good. It is just a decision. That is all it takes. Enjoy the playground. We won’t be here forever!

8 thoughts on “After Thanksgiving-appreciation reigns!

  1. Thanks for your inspirational Thanksgiving blog. I plan to start making every day “thanksgiving day”. We have so much power over our lives (and we use so little of it).


  2. That was so awesome Jeanette. Feel like you read my mind. It was a particularly special and incredibly fun Thanksgiving. Did you buy “Catch Phrase” yet???? My weekend with Mom and Dad continued the awesome theme and I too am still basking in the gratitude. I guess we should try to stay there until January. I love you.


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