Powerful Intentions—Not Just for New Year’s Day!

There was a time in my life that I would make New Year’s Resolutions—I was going to lose 10 lbs, not drink excessively, stop smoking, save money… you get the drift. I don’t do that anymore at New Year’s and it is not because I don’t need to lose 10 lbs or that I wouldn’t benefit from better money management. It is simply because New Year’s Resolutions never worked for me. I may be good for a week after the New Year with my new resolve to do better but for some reason or another that resolve would disappear and I would be back to my old eating, drinking, spending, smoking habits!

Today, I live most days with keen awareness of my desires and begin the day with intentions while at the same time embracing where I am. There is power in intentions. Everything I desire is something that I think will make me feel better in the having of it. So my primary intention each day is to be happy. If I can pull that off, the THINGS I want will be allowed to flow into my experience. It is a short cut. Just be happy before the 10 lbs is released and before the $10,000 is in the bank. The emotion of feeling good is the best manifestation that can occur. So make feeling good your intention for the day. And then EXPECT it. Expectation is desire that you believe can happen. Of course, there is such a thing as negative expectation, something you do not desire that you believe will happen. I know people who walk around every day expecting the worse. That is not the expectation I am talking about. Expect a miracle! Expect your dreams to come true!

I am not always successful at this myself. At times, I am even shocked at how poorly I take my own advice. I tend to be overly sensitive to what others think about me. I say yes to others too often which means saying NO to myself which does not result in happiness. I have the “should” voice in my head speaking to me. It is not my own voice but it is a voice I have adopted and have allowed to speak to me for so long that I don’t even recognize that it is someone else’s voice. When I allow the “shoulds” to take over any part of my day, happiness is impossible. So, I am a work in progress on this New Year’s Eve. I embrace the fact that I will always be a work in progress.

2012 has been spoken about in anticipation by many people for years. Some say it is when the world will end, an ultimate example of negative expectation. However, there are others that believe that 2012 will be a time of great growth and evolution….positive expectation! I believe in the latter as I believe there has never been a time in history where people are as aware as now that they are conscious creators. It is an exciting time, this New Year’s Eve. I anticipate a personal expansion, a universal expansion and I am eager for what is ahead!

So, here on this New Year’s Eve I announce my top ten intentions for today: to love myself and others unconditionally, to not pinch myself off from my birthright which is to be happy, joyous and free, to not care so much what others think, to not listen to the “shoulds”, to listen carefully to my own inner guidance, to do more of what I want to do, to say “no” more often, to uplift others, to just BE and to “let it BE”.

Let It Be

Happy New Year to all!

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