Believe! If you have followed my last blog post, you may have commenced writing your life story the way you want it to turn out. If you have written out your story, I want to ask a question. Do you BELIEVE it? Do you believe you create your own reality? Or do you believe that you are deposited on this earth and circumstances happen that are beyond your control and life just delivers random situations? Or worse yet, do you believe that you are either good or bad, worthy or unworthy and that is why sh** happens? If that is the case, you may be saying, why me? What did I do to deserve this lot in life?

Well, if you are living with negative beliefs that are limiting you, listen up! We ARE the creators of our own reality. This may be easy to digest if you are examining something positive in your life. Let’s say you have your own company; it was your brainchild. You may be able to agree that the product of your creativity was a reality you created!

What about the stuff in life we don’t want, perhaps an illness? You may look at that and say, “No way, I did not create that!” And I would respond, “Not consciously, but you created it. You were a vibrational match to that disease!” This is where I lose people. This is sometimes a hard pill to swallow. But the law of attraction is at the basis of all of life, not just the good stuff. This is where I want you to listen up again!!! You are not to blame if you have created/attracted stuff you do NOT want. Most of us were raised with many negative beliefs about the world we live in. We were told bad things happen and people can’t be trusted; life’s a bitch and then you die. There is certainly no power in these negative beliefs.

THIS  is the truth about the Universe: All is well. The Universe is abundant. You have the power to heal that disease you created. Every cell of our body is intelligent. It has the resources. If you believe it, it can happen! Ask yourself what the reward is for having the thing you do not want in your life. In the past, I would get sinus infections at least 4 times a year. What could possibly be the reward for getting a sinus infection? If I were to be honest with myself,  I would see that I was giving myself an excuse to go to bed and just be sick.  Since I have been the type of person who had loaded too much on my plate (probably due to a BELIEF that I will be more loved if I do not say the dreaded word NO), I had been chronically stressed and doing too much on any given day.

I have looked at this pattern in my life in the exploration as to why I create sinus infections and it has caused me to make some commitments to my life. I am refraining from volunteering for every good cause that comes across my email. I am taking naps when I feel I need it. I do not have to get sick to give myself a break; I deserve a break when my body tells me that I am tired and need a break. I deserve to have days that are not packed with commitments. I am committed to me and my health, wealth and happiness. Does that sound selfish? To others it might; but to me, if I am healthy and happy and have the money to do as I wish, that is a gift I will give to everyone in my life. Isn’t it preferable to be around uplifted people rather than depressed ones? Could you imagine a world where we are all living our story book lives, our fairy tale endings?

So if you are still working on your life story and spending time envisioning your ideal future, your ideal body, your dream home, and wondering why it is not manifesting, ask yourself if you BELIEVE  it will happen? If the belief is not there, the story will not unfold. If there is a negative belief in your way, change it. Angry, resentful persons do not get the life of their dreams. Forgive yourself, forgive others, and release resistance. Know all is well! Get happy! Tell the Universe what you want and BELIEVE you are worthy of it.  BELIEVE anything is possible when you are connected to ALL THAT IS!

I would love the readers to share their stories of creating their ideal lives out of positive beliefs!

14 thoughts on “BELIEVE!

  1. I love it!
    Sometimes it is shameful to admit some of the thoughts, feelings and actions that created your current reality. But having the courage and believe that you can change it is a great motivator. You are a very good writer Jeanette.


  2. Love your post but I’d like to present a question. Please understand I agree with your belief. I too “believe”. So forgive me for being the devil’s advocate here, but I would like to know how you respond: If we bring illness upon ourselves with our thoughts and likewise can heal said illness by changing our thoughts, who should have been more capable of doing this than Jerry Hicks? Why was one who was such a master of positive attraction and closest confidant of Esther/Abraham not able to prevent, or even reverse, his disease?


    • Hi Coach Perg! That is a great question. Here are my thoughts on that: Even when we understand the Law of Attraction we do not necessarily apply it to all areas of our lives. I know I have trouble and am gentle on myself because I had practiced vibration about various subjects for decades before learning about the Law of Attraction. Jerry did also. He may have had a belief that there is only so much life that can be lived and he was not a young man. I also think that maybe we do not know a soul’s intention for that person’s life. Jerry did live a very full life and maybe it was enough and he was ready on a soul level to transition to the non-physical. Thanks for a great question and following my blog!


  3. Faith, trust, and pixie dust! Yes, believing is an important part – as Napoleon Hill points out – What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. So true!


  4. Allowing is my challenge, and I find that without always allowing, i get distracted and lose my positive attraction… a healer friend from the Phillipines asked a great question. There were about tweleve of us stitting around a big comfy kitchen table waiting to have a hands-on session with the visitor, Virgil Apostle. We were talking and getting to know him, and in a relaxed conversational mode he asked, “Has anyone here today ever had a spiritual experience? You know, an experience that just rings totally true, without any shread of confusion or doubt. Something profound that occurs where you glimse a moment or a feeling or an understanding, and it vibrates right through your being and you know deep inside your gut that it is simply truth. A spiritual experience??? A few people slowly raised their hands, and then a few more and eventually everyone at the table had raised their hands. Virgil then said, “Instead of imagining yourself as a human being who is having a spiritual experience, imagine yourself as a spiritual being who is having a human experience.” Happy spring. Love your blog.


    • Greg, I love your story and that is one of my favorite quotes! Deep inside each one of us is that truth that we are spiritual beings. Your comment just reminded me to spend 15 minutes being quiet to allow that spiritual being to be connected to my physical being so I can have a fantastic day. It is only when those 2 parts of me are connected that I am truly happy! Happy Spring to you too!!


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