Regrets and resentments: the antidote: Forgiveness.

When you are feeling “bad”, however that “bad” shows up for you be it anger, depression, guilt, shame or just plain “life’s a bitch” mode–stop and take a look at what thoughts are predominating your time and space. Most often you will find they are thoughts of regret or resentment. Either you are wishing you did something differently or you wish someone else did something differently. This is yesterday’s news! But the process of thinking about this regret and resentment (over and over again like many of us do) is bringing yesterday’s problems into today. Now why do we want to keep alive the very thing that we are unhappy about? Quite simply, we don’t want to let ourselves or someone else off the hook. All it takes to let yourself or someone else off the hook is a dose of compassion sprinkled generously with forgiveness! Let’s keep it simple. There are 5 things that should be acknowledged:

1.         Acknowledge that we are all doing our best at any given moment.

2.         Acknowledge that forgiving yourself or someone else for our humanness is a gift to ourselves, a gift that we are worthy of.

3.         Acknowledge that each day is a clean slate provided we don’t drag yesterday’s dirt onto it!

4.         Acknowledge that every painful experience in our life launches clear desires of what we don’t want. This enables us to know clearly what we do want! This is the process of deliberate creation.

5.         And lastly, for God’s sake, if you have a regret or a resentment, acknowledge that the past cannot be changed; in no way, shape or form can the past be changed.

Here is what you CAN do: you can accept the situation as being exactly as it was supposed to be, forgive yourself or someone else, stop telling the story of failure and defeat, missed opportunities, and don’t waste another day of this precious life in yesterday’s garbage!!!!

7 thoughts on “Regrets and resentments: the antidote: Forgiveness.

  1. I am glad Doreen Fothergill suggested looking at your site. Excellent. I am Doreen’s mother-in-law (shes like a daughter to me) love her lots. Enjoy your day! Anna Harwood Deery


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