12 Affirmations to help us through the Holidays

What is it we want during the Holiday Season? Is it a shiny diamond ring or is it Peace on Earth?  There is no right or wrong answer but for many of us, the holidays are a disappointment, a burden, and/or a reminder of our losses. They stress us out! I, for one, have not liked the holidays for most of my life.  I certainly have never embraced them. Where was my resistance? What was I thinking? I was thinking things like “Where am I going to get the money to buy everyone a decent present? How am I EVER going to find the time to get all my shopping, decorating, baking and still work, cook, do laundry, etc. Ugghhh!  I can’t stand those people who bake their cookies, have the perfect Christmas card, AND their house is all decked out; it makes me feel so inadequate. I can’t wait until January! As a matter of fact, I can’t wait until March! I hate winter!” With this kind of thinking going on, who could enjoy the holidays? So I asked myself the following question: “Do I want my whole life to go by and look back and realize that I never enjoyed the holidays?” The answer was a resounding “NO!” So, how can I stop resisting this time of year and accept it and just maybe, even enjoy it? I took decisive action and decided to look for the positive aspects of the Holiday Season.   Instead of reciting the “12 days of Christmas”, I am reciting the “12 Affirmations for the Holidays” to help me get in a TRUE holiday spirit. Here goes:

  1. Although winter is my least favorite season, it does provide the contrast in my life that makes me so appreciate the other 3 seasons of the year.
  2. I have placed too much importance in the past on the gifts I buy others. I rarely remember the gifts I receive from year to year but always remember how people made me feel. I can be an “uplifter” for others that cross my path. I can make that the gift that I give and I can give that freely.
  3. I love tradition. It makes me happy to trim the tree with the ornaments that bear my children’s names and the year they were born. I love to take my doll sized animated Santa Clauses down from the attic and plug them in. I smile when I pull out my children’s stockings every year and hang them by the fireplace.
  4. Since mall shopping is not my favorite, I will shop locally and do a little each day. I love supporting my local businesses. It makes me feel good.
  5. I can look for people who are not as well off as I am and do something for them this holiday season. Service for others is the best form of self-forgetting.
  6. I believe my happiness comes from within. I concentrate on the inner-knowing that I am worthy without having to have the best gift, the best party, or the best decorations.
  7. I intend to be mindful during this holiday season, taking time to meet old and new friends, take pictures, sit in front of the fire, and drive slowly at night to take in the beautifully decorated houses in my neighborhood.
  8. I love miracles: Santa’s workshop, enough oil to last 8 nights, a child being born. I will look for miracles every day this season and I KNOW I will find them.
  9. I love having both the Menorah and the Christmas tree lit in my house. I love variety. I embrace differences, and know that this kind of embracing allows PEACE on Earth!
  10. I am dreaming of a white Christmas!
  11. The highlight of this Holiday season is the return of my son to New York from LA where he has resided for more than 2 years. I pray for all mothers and fathers that they may be reunited with their children who are far away, especially our soldiers overseas.
  12. And when I am unable to feel the joy of the above 11 items, I will know: “This too shall pass!”

Happy Holidays and Peace on Earth!



12 thoughts on “12 Affirmations to help us through the Holidays

  1. well said and thanks for finding the good in the chaos. I hope this holiday season is good for you and the family. We are okay, each day starts anew, some with problems, some not but are truly grateful that Terry is still with us. All the boys will be home and thats true chaos and supermarket runs daily. I’m okay but truly blessed that Terry continues to beat the odds and we make the most of a hard situation. My love to you and yours and hug that son especially hard when he gets home. Love Susan



  2. Being a day behind in mostly everything right now, I was so pleased to read this! In fact, I just journaled this morning that I am inspired to relax and enjoy every moment of the holiday season without allowing my own perceived stress to interfere with my daily appreciation for all that I have. … and giving of myself and to others is truly my favorite part of the holiday! Peace and joy to you and your family Jeanette. And to Susan, whom I do not know, I will pray for Terry, you and your family daily that you have a peaceful, loving holiday season a midst the chaos.


  3. I’m so moved by your words Jeanette. I feel turned around and joyful after reading your post. I always think others have the perfect holiday … Family, baking cookies, etc. I love your list, thank you!


  4. Hi Jeanette, I don’t know how I missed this posting. I miss you, and the others too. I can so relate to what you expressed, and I too started out feeling the same way as you. I love your list and the way you were able to make the shift. I too was able to shift my mindset and made this another wonderful Xmas to remember. I have so much to tell you and hope we can all connect soon.


    • Matilda, I would love to connect. Sorry for the delayed response but I attracted the flu and a sinus infection and bronchitis! Just recovering and so happy to hear from you! Let’s touch base with the group!! I would love to catch up!


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