Valentine’s Day

It’s a few weeks into the New Year with our New Year’s resolutions a distant memory. What was that we were going to start doing one day at a time, for 2013? If we forgot about the diet, and the exercise, and spending too much time on the computer, let us not forget about Love. Today, we celebrate Love. I really never liked this holiday we celebrate on February 14th. My life has been blessed with children, work, a dog, oh and yes, a husband. Just kidding! But really, who has time to plan for a babysitter, a romantic dinner, and a special something to make him feel like that special someone. Not me. It just doesn’t cross my mind as I am trying to get homework done, get my daughter to dance class, get a report out to a client and possibly do a load of laundry. So, I run out at the last-minute and get a box of sugar-free chocolates and a card and then feel inadequate. Wait, stop the train! Feeling inadequate is about our conditioning, the conditioning from the bombardment of advertisements about this holiday. We endlessly hear about getting that special someone a card, flowers, teddy bear; I was even listening to the radio yesterday when a commercial came on encouraging the listeners to get their sweetheart a car! COME ON PEOPLE! Really?

When closely examined, what is this holiday about?  Valentine’s Day is about Love. And Love is who we are at our core! So, for today, I am ditching the chocolates, the flowers, and the cards. Today, I am re-framing Valentine’s Day.  I celebrated it by chaperoning my daughter’s 3rd grade class to the Senior Center, where they sang old-time songs, ate lunch together and played bingo. I could see the delight in the senior citizens’ eyes as they watched the children’s excitement during a game of Bingo. I had the honor to sit next to a 93-year-old lady who told me with tears in her eyes “Thank you. You are doing good work. Just being here brought us joy.” Well, she hit the nail on the head and inspired me to rush home to my keyboard to share her sentiments. It is our “presence” in others’ lives, not the “presents” that make it memorable!

Lastly, you don’t have to have a “special someone” to celebrate this holiday. YOU are that special someone!!! LOVE yourself today and choose to be happy! HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY EVERYONE!

P.S. Hubby, I do hope you enjoy the sugar-free chocolates. I love you!

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Better late then never. as the saying goes. Loved the story and reminds me why I love Geriatric Case Management! I have so many endearing moments and stories in my heart from RVNA. I am so tuned in to the time spent instead of money spent! Thanks J.


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