Nature is God’s Mirror

I was walking with my younger daughter hiking in the woods with our dog. As we came around the bend, we saw a reflection in the pond of the sun-glistened fall foliage. Both of us gasped at the beauty of the landscape and my daughter who was obviously awe-inspired said “Nature is God’s mirror.” Well, if I wasn’t blown away by the beauty of Mother Nature, I certainly was at my daughter’s words. My daughter is almost 9 years old. I asked her if she heard that phrase somewhere and she told me she had not. It was an original thought. I am sure it has been thought by others, but still….. Now I was pondering  my daughter’s statement and all I could come up with was “Nature is God’s mirror….You’re damned right!” That is why I almost always become peaceful while walking in the woods. That is why petting animals is so soothing to the soul. That is why holding an infant like I did last week, filled my heart to over-flowing. That is why fresh flowers in the house uplifts the spirit. I could go on, but you get the drift. Our inner beings need a mirror to reflect what we are. Nature is that mirror. So, if you are feeling down, or hopeless, or frustrated, or angry, or just plain anything less than happy, here are some ways to connect with Mother Nature and to see what you are made of at the core.

  • Plant a garden. Get your hands in the soil. We become “grounded” when we work with Mother Earth.
  • Pick some fresh flowers or go buy some. Grocery stores make flowers readily available. Their beauty is uplifting and the scent is good for the soul.
  • Watch the creatures that walk this earth. We can learn so much from these true masters. I love watching birds: They meet the day with song, with promise. They fly in formation. But one of my favorite teachers is my dog: My mentor of unconditional LOVE.
  • Take a hike. While walking, BREATHE deeply. Listen to the sounds of the forest: the leaves crinkling under your feet, the trickling of a nearby stream. Watch the sun sparkle through the tall trees. Let your thoughts float away like the clouds passing overhead.
  • Hold a baby, a newborn baby. A newborn represents the field of ALL POSSIBILITIES. How often has a parent thought, “He/she may be a future president!” A newborn holds so much promise and creates a desire in us to make sure that this human being has it better than we did. That desire has been the single most important motivating factor in my life in the last 30 years! 
  • Look into the eyes of a loved one. LOVE is WHO YOU ARE. When you are loving another, you are connected to your Source, to Mother Nature, to your Inner Being, to the Energy that creates worlds!
  • Walk barefoot on a beach. (No explanation needed.)
  • Watch the sunset or the sunrise. It’s magical.
  • Go out at night and look up at the sky. BREATHE!

We all want to live happy, peaceful lives. Some of us are waiting to be brought peaceful lives wrapped up and delivered like some Christmas gift. We expect that we will be happy and peaceful when others become peaceful or when our government gets its act together or our bosses wake up and recognize our magnificence or our children become successful, all as a reflection of who we are. I played that game for years, to no avail. Since then, I have learned to carve out happy, peaceful moments for myself and it is by taking the time to connect to Mother Nature in these simple yet profound ways that makes my heart sing….and my life worthwhile….and awakens me to the truth of who I AM. Nature is God’s mirror…the mirror of the soul.

4 thoughts on “Nature is God’s Mirror

  1. Thank you for this sweet story and reminder. I really needed this right at this time. Perfect timing. I am going to send this to my daughters right now.


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