Keeping the Attitude of Gratitude after Thanksgiving

I am so grateful for the day I experienced yesterday…filled with love. It was a beautiful Thanksgiving. Now I am intending to keep that momentum going. There are things that I love and am grateful for and there are things in my life which I don’t love and they are disappointing and sad and painful. I am no different from any other human. I think it is true of everyone, the poor and the rich, the educated and the uneducated, everyone. But why is it always true that my life consists of both the “wanted” and the “unwanted” but sometimes I am happy and other times I am struggling? The answer is simple. It is what I am choosing to be on any given day.  It is what I am choosing to focus on.

I have learned that everything that manifests in my life appears through the lens of my thoughts. Are my thoughts those of love and appreciation or are they of judgment and resentment? What materializes is a reflection of what is going on internally. I have also learned that when I appreciate things, more things that I appreciate will start showing up in my life. So, here goes the rampage of appreciation:

·         I am surrounded by GOODNESS in my life. That goodness is in the form of living beings: my husband, my children, my parents, my sisters, my nieces and nephews, my in-laws, my friends, my neighbors, my clients and my dog. Thank you all for being part of my life and my journey!

·         I am grateful for my health. My heart continues to beat about 70 times per minute, 60 minutes each hour, 24 hours each day, 365 days a year. That is about 37 million heartbeats a year, without my having to do anything to make that happen! Well-being is innate in every cell in my body and my body knows what it needs.

·         I am grateful for the food that satisfies us, nourishes us and helps us commune with others, not only on Thanksgiving but every day of the year.

·         I am grateful that I know today that true abundance is there for the taking. It is not reserved for the few “lucky” ones.  Everyone who is alive is a “lucky” one including me. Knowing that makes all the difference in the world.

There are so many other things to list for which I am grateful but I am keeping it simple. If I keep my sights on these simple yet magnificent blessings in my life, I won’t get lost in the competitive mind of having the best car, the best house, and all the other bells and whistles we THINK we need for happiness. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best car or the best house or the vacation in Tahiti but the key is to not wait for those things to show up in my life in order to be grateful or to live joyously. What works is living in the world of appreciation and joy and love and the bells and whistles will end up materializing. Your wish-list manifests when you are living in the appreciation vibration! It has to show up. It is law, the Law of Attraction!

4 thoughts on “Keeping the Attitude of Gratitude after Thanksgiving

  1. Nice statement of gratefulness. Perhaps thinking of every day as Thanksgiving can direct us on the path you so artfully described above. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. We did as well. Lots of joy and love. Let’s keep this going throughout the year and realize the wonderful benefits too. JG


  2. Beautifully stated as always! Our Thanksgiving was the best in years, I think. It has been 3 years since my dear sister-in-law Sandy passed and Holidays have been so difficult with The Elephant in the room. This year was laughter, love, open discussion with my nephews, Paul and Keith, and Paul’s girlfriend about the dear woman she got to meet. My brother-in-law Joe told my daughter, Corinne, that this one will “Go down in the books”! a very healing day that I will hold onto forever, I feel so blessed with the Healing in our family on BOTH sides. My mother’s cancer has united my brothers and our families in a very good way as well Out of the struggles in our life….Love to you and yours, J.


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