I Am Magnificence, You are Magnificence

De-cluttering my work, my house, my mind….
One day at a time.

Busy, busy but present in my body. NO past, NO future,
Focusing only on what is in front of me.

I AM Source.
But what does that mean?
Power? Knowledge? Wisdom?
Desire? Well-Being? Love?
Yes! Yes! Yes! All of it!

“But how do I access this Source?” you ask.
Get quiet. Plug in. Know that it is there for the taking….
Not just the holy ones,
Not just the rich ones,
Not just the poor ones…

“But why” you ask “do some people plug-in and others don’t?”
Good question. Now we are getting to the crux of the matter. It’s the human condition.
Some people don’t know where the outlet is.  Some people know where the outlet is but they don’t BELIEVE it works….not for them, anyway.
The problem: unworthiness.
The solution: TRUTH. The TRUTH is we are all gods, goddesses, miracles, angels, whatever term you want to use to label the MAGNIFICENCE of your being.
Sadly, we are told from an early age to GET REAL!
So, we comply…and we suffer…..and the biggest tragedy of all is we forget who we truly are.
Today, just for today, I would like to remind you….All of you….YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT.

And, just maybe, if I remind you of this TRUTH, I will remember it also.

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