Turning a New Leaf….

What do you desire to create in 2019?

I usually get pensive at the end of the year. This year is no exception. I have been pondering my life and want to expand my meditation practice from the cushion into the rest of my day more intentionally….REALLY noticing what is going on inside me and around me. Being aware of who I really am and who you really are, at our innermost core. Accepting all that is and at the same time reaching for better. Letting the moments sink in. Savoring more than chocolate. Relishing sunsets and smiles, moments of grace, strangers that hold doors, deer that show up in my backyard, the first sip of coffee, invitations. Taking it all in, just like a deep breath, and letting it all go as satisfying as the long release of an exhale, not getting attached to any one outcome. Allowing and making space for all the emotions that visit during the day, my internal weather map…trusting that stormy, intense emotions have their purpose, just like the rain on parched grass. It all shows up for a reason. Sometimes it is just to inform us and sometimes it prompts us to question. What is missing in our life? What is the unmet need? Where are we out of alignment? Finding that anchor spot, that grounding cord in the midst of the tornados keeping us from reactivity, from regret. Remembering to breathe, to connect, and especially recalling that we are all ONE. Pausing. Noticing who is excluded from the rooms I am in? What is the part I play? How can I do better? Nothing is broken, but everything is influenced and co-created in every moment. Each moment is a chance for renewal, to reach for improvement, to act and speak from a place of love. My most pressing aspiration for the New Year is to actualize these concepts each and every day that I am blessed with another chance to do so, and when I fail, to love myself anyway. What are you reaching for as you enter 2019? I would love to hear from you.

Here are some wishes for the New Year for myself, for you, for All Beings.

May I pause and notice, accept and savor, love and flourish.

May you pause and notice, accept and savor, love and flourish.

May all beings pause and notice, accept and savor, love and flourish.


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